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home house rules

House rules

  1. The lodging facility can only accommodate registered guests. In order to do so, guests should provide their personal identification card, a valid passport or valid proof of identity to the facility staff.
  2. Upon arrival, guests must provide proof of booking together with proof of advance payment. If one of these documents is missing, the lodging facility is entitled to decline the booking, or the guest would need to pay the full price of the stay in cash to be granted accommodation.
  3. If the guest is paying in cash, the payment for the accommodation and associated services has to be paid for upon arrival.
  4. Check in time is 14.00 and check out time is 10.00 at the latest. If guests should stay later than 10.00 the accommodation provider is entitled to charge for another day to be paid for in cash.
  5. The accommodation provider is entitled to decline a larger number of guests if they were not included in the confirmation order.
  6. To be eligible for the child accommodation discount, the age of the child is decided by the age at the date of arrival to the lodging facility.
  7. In case of premature termination or suspension of the stay by the guest, the accommodation provider is not obliged to return the already paid price of accommodation.
  8. The keeping of pets is strictly forbidden in the entire lodging part of the facility.
  9. In the case of any defect or damage of the equipment at the lodging facility, it is necessary to notify the accommodation provider immediately. The accommodation provider is obliged to repair or exchange any damaged item according to the nature of the damage – immediately if possible. If this does not happen, the guest and the accommodation provider will sign a settlement protocol. No complaint without a signed settlement protocol is considered valid. Any complaint has to be submitted within 3 days of the conclusion of the guest's stay in the lodging facility.
  10. Guests must pay for any damage caused on the property. This payment has to be made in cash on site. The accommodation provider shall provide a written receipt of the payment.
  11. The accommodation provider bears no responsibility for the possible damage of any property left in the freely accessible parts of the suite – even so, the accommodation provider promises to provide conditions under which the damage of the guest's property is unlikely. The guest's property is not insured by the accommodation provider.
  12. Unless given to the staff for safekeeping the facility cannot be not held responsible for any damage to the guests property. The liability to  legal and natural persons is ruled by the Czech civil code.
  13. The accommodation provider has made all precautions to preserve the health of all guests. During the common use of the facility, the accommodation provider does not bear any responsibility for the health of the guests. We ask all guests not to leave their children unsupervised. The health and life of the guests are not insured by the accommodation provider.
  14. The guests are obliged to keep the recreational facility and its vicinity clean. If a notable mess is caused by the guest, the guest is obliged to clean it up or to consult the accommodation provider.
  15. All guests are obliged to abide by the silent hours from 22:00 to 07:00.
  16. Smoking and lighting of fires is prohibited in the rooms and in the whole area of the suite. It is also prohibited to prepare any warm food and drinks outside of the kitchen. In case of breach of this rule, the stay will be immediately terminated without any refund.
  17. On behalf of energy saving and environmental protection, the accommodation provider asks that the guests do not ventilate their rooms for long periods of time and to keep a desired lower temperature in the room. To change the room temperature, it is necessary to set the thermostat or ask the accommodation provider to do so for you.
  18. No equipment can be moved or taken outside of the facility. Guests are obliged to check the suite's equipment to see if it matches the equipment list. The list is located on the door of the suite. In case of any doubts, please contact the accommodation provider immediately. In the case that the suite equipment is not complete according to the equipment list at the guests departure, the guest is obliged to pay the full price of the missing equipment.
  19. The use of electrical appliances are restricted to those for personal hygiene use and personal computers. Other electrical appliances are not allowed.
  20. Guests are obliged to change into indoor shoes before entering the lodge's interior and also to store skis and ski shoes in the ski room located in front of the entrance door.
  21. Guests are obliged to turn off all water taps, close all windows, turn off any electrical appliances and lights and lock the door when leaving the room.
  22. At check out, guests are obliged to hand over the key at a previously designed place. In case of lost keys, the guest shall pay for the expenses related to the exchange of the lock and key including the key and the key barrel at the entrance door.
  23. By payment of the deposit or the full payment for the accommodation, the ordering party proclaims to have red and fully agrees with the house rules.
  24. Each guest is obliged to read the house rules and abide by them. In the case of a major or repeated breach of the house rules, the owner of the accommodation facilities is entitled to terminate the lodging immediately and without any refund.
  25. All regulations of the house rules are valid with no exceptions unless the accommodation provider and the guest agree otherwise.
  26. The house rules are valid from the first of December 2011 until revocation.

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